What are the objectives of our programs?

  • Children and Families: To reduce the risk factors that could cause exploitation of children in communities through self-sustainable programs/projects
  • Training: To ensure increased capacity and effective, efficient prevention of and response to child exploitation
  • Advocacy, research and legal reform: To ensure there is a human rights’ centred legislative framework on child exploitation in the country and an adherence to international obligations.

Anti Child Labour

Legislative Reform

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Children’s Act The Child Care Act of 2005, which reformed the Child Care Act of 1983 aims to bring child care legislation in line with our obligations to the Constitutional and International Law such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. […]

Children and Families

Meisie Jy is nog Jonk

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Jy weet jy vat groot kanse Om by mense te gaan werk. Nogals mense soos slamse Meisie, wees maar sterk. Daar werk jy net vir n selfoon Dan bly jy nog daar aleen Daar is geen vriende om jou te ondersteun Agter in die jaarrt waar jy meisie selfwoon Jy word vasgehou as gyselaar Jy […]


Combating Trafficking in Persons Coalition (CTC)

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Anex CDW, Molo Songololo, International Organization for Migration and Rape Crisis are the founding members of this forum. The establishment of this forum was motivated by the need to coordinate a provincial response to trafficking in persons. The forum was launched on the 12 December 2007 with a membership of twelve organizations working within the […]